Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy 3 Months Sawyer!!!


This cannot be? Surely my sweet Sawyer is not already 3 months old!! Ahhhhh!!!

I am loving every single minute of being your mommy. I was just telling your daddy last night that each day when I look at you I still cannot believe you are mine. I am thankful that God chose us to be your parents. You are one amazing gift from above. Three months ago on this exact day you made my world complete!

Let’s clear this up, you still look JUST like your daddy and you are PERFECT just the way you are. Everyone says so! But you must know that I examine you each day to see if you are changing at all, still holding out a little hope that you have some of your momma in you J I think you have my eyes and lips so far.

There were a lot of “firsts” this month for you!

1.    Went on your FIRST beach trip
2.  Attended your very FIRST wedding 
3.  Daddy gave you your FIRST mohawk
4.    You dressed up and celebrated your very FIRST Halloween
5.    Mommy & Daddy gave you your FIRST (tiny) bite of chocolate cake
6.  Sat in your bumbo seat for the FIRST time 
7.  "Voted" in your FIRST Presidential Election
8.    You started your FIRST day of baby school at Noah’s Park
9.    You came down with your FIRST cold :( 
10.    Had your FIRST bottle of apple juice – doctor recommend it
     for your pitiful cold
11.    FIRST visit to “D’s” work and he was so proud to show you off! 
12. FIRST time to spend the day playing with "Aunt BB" and Campbell
13. Put up your very FIRST Christmas tree in your room!!  

You are growing like a weed and you are so much fun!!! You are smiling and interacting with us all of the time now and you have begun to “try to talk” to us. We love it!

“Baby School” – You started your very first day of Noah’s Park on Monday, November 5, 2012 and you did GREAT. Mommy, not so much….whew that was a rough day and week for me. I love your precious teachers Ms. Donna and Ms. Beth, they are amazing and they love you so very much!

You are still sleeping every night right beside Mommy and Daddy in the pack n’ play/nap nanny or in your snugabunny rocker beside our bed. You are not really into swinging in your swing anymore. Your very favorite place to be is  STILL on your changing table – you LOVE it. If you are fussy at all we just take you into your room and lay you on your changing table and you are always perfectly content. You are NOT a good napper – you take “cat naps” and most of them last no longer than 30 mins or so! But mommy can’t complain because you are a WONDERFUL sleeper at night. Most nights you are sleeping anywhere 10 hours or so before waking up for a feeding!! Most of the time you are  still taking between 3-4 oz every 2 ½ to 3 hours, you are really the same as last month with your eating. You still LOVE your baths and you take a bath at night around 7:30 – 8:00 and its always with mommy.  You love to be in the tub – now you get that from me sometimes we are even staying in for 30 minutes at a time! You are becoming fonder of your paci and you do like your paci. You are still in a size one diaper and and 3-6 month clothes you weigh approximately 14 lbs. now…big boy! You sure are growing! Your eyes are still blue and we crossing our fingers that they stay that way. Still no hair…mommy can’t wait for you to get some! You have super strong little legs and you are holding your head up so well.

1.    Nicknames for you so far  “Saw man” (most popular), “monkey” “monkey monkey monkey monk”, “rat-fink”, “fussy butt”, “saw bear”, “fat face”, “BOY”, “hungry bear”, “chunky monkey”, “little buddy”, “saw”, “buddy bud”, “little man”  

You love the BEACH!!!

Happy you made it to the BEACH!
Your FIRST Mohawk

Handsome boy headed to his FIRST wedding

"Sawman's" First Halloween

First Halloween

FIRST time in the bumbo seat - not quite big enough yet!
Cutest pumpkin I've seen!

Even though our Auburn Tigers are having a terrible season, we are still supporting them 100%

Participating in your FIRST Presidental Election where you voted for Mitt Romney. Unfortunately he did not win :(

You were so happy about your FIRST day of baby school! Your sweet teachers wrote you a special note in this book that you will enjoy reading one day!

You love your Daddy!

Happy BOY!

Saw-turkey - you are not thrilled about this!! :)

Lil turkey turk - momma loves you!

Your FIRST Christmas tree in your room - mommy still has some work to do and finishing touches to add. You love looking at all of the lights.

Saw-elf - the North Pole is looking for you little man!

Sawyer we are still amazed at how much you have changed our lives for the better. We love being your parents and love watching you grow each day. Your smiles and laughs completely melt our hearts! We are so proud to call you our son. Can’t wait to see what your next month of life holds sweet baby boy! 

Here's a look back over the past THREE months. You are growing so quickly! 


We love YOU always and forever!

Mommy and Daddy


  1. where did you find all his adorable leggings?

  2. Hi. I found your blog through Kelly's Korner. I have a Sawyer who will be 3 in Feb. I have lots of bigger size monogrammed clothes if you're interested for your Sawyer (who is adorable). You can email me or check out my blog. :)