Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy ONE month Birthday Sawyer!

ONE MONTH! Happy ONE month Birthday to you!

Sawyer it is so hard to believe that you are already 1 month old. Mommy already wishes that she could press “pause” on your life. You have brought a tremendous amount of love and joy into our lives and we cannot imagine life without you! We thank God each and every day for such a healthy, happy and beautiful baby boy! Sometimes when I look down at your sweet face I still cannot believe that you are actually MINE! You are just perfect! Your Daddy looked over at me as he was holding you on the couch after work one night last week and said,  “He is just perfect isn’t he?” He was beaming with pride as he said it and little man let me tell you – you have a WONDERFUL daddy. I wasn’t quite sure how he would do with you, but he is truly a terrific father and he loves you beyond words. It is wonderful to watch his love for you!

Speaking of love – you have SOOOO many people who love you! You have 3 sets of amazing grandparents and 1 set of great grandparents who all adore you. I am pretty sure that no matter what mommy and daddy say you will pretty much be able to convince any of them into anything…whew that’s scary! You have “aunts and uncles” and great family friends who can’t wait to get there hands on you as soon as they see you and you have little cousins who can’t wait for you to get big enough to play with them!! You are one LOVED little boy.

In your first month of life you have not been away from your Mommy at all, never. Your Daddy was able to spend your first week at home with us and we really enjoyed that, thank you Dr. Russell and Dr. Crowson for making that possible! You have spent every night right beside Mommy and Daddy in the pack n’ play/nap nanny or in your snugabunny rocker beside our bed. Your first outing was to Pediatrics East on Tuesday August 21st as we had to go and get you checked for jaundice. Luckily you were just fine! The next day you rode in the car to Southeastern Jewelers on 280 for mommy to buy a 3rd anniversary gift for your daddy, I wasn’t quite prepared since you decided to make an early appearance J. Your 3rd outing was to Lowes the cashier got on to me for having you out and about at only a week old!! I told her that you like to go, you were getting bored at home…. and you have been out and about ever since. We have gotten 2 sets of newborn photos made of you and absolutely cannot wait to see them! You took your first bottle on August 26th before bedtime and you did great- your daddy gave it to you. You lost your umbilical cord on your actual due date – August 30th and your Daddy was home to witness it. Mommy tried to save it and Daddy quickly threw it away – I cried and he sang “I’m a big boy now.” Remember opposites attract J

At home -you really love your swing – it is your favorite! You love to lay on your changing table and look around the room and up at the mirror that is above it. We are not quite sure how you feel about your doggies, they don’t seem to bother you or upset you at all when they lick your face or bark in your ear – it’s a good thing because anyone who has been here knows it’s a zoo around here!! You have adjusted quite well to them and they have adjusted well to you. Most of the time you enjoy car rides and do great in the car!  You do not wear out easily and do not “cry it out” maybe I’m not leaving you long enough, but you don’t seem to wear out – you keep crying and crying just like the energizer bunny would. Your Daddy would argue that you are just spoiled and maybe you are…I never expected to have a baby who wasn’t J Just last night as we were going to bed your Daddy said that Noah’s Park Daycare was going to call us and tell us to come and get you because you are so rotten. Your not really into being along, its just not your thing – once you realize that your in your crib for a nap and I’m not there you go to screaming, as a matter of fact this is happening just as I am typing! Did I mention that you are NOT a great sleeper? You get up at least twice a night, sometimes 3-4…I think you do it just to be held sometimes and know that I’m still there. I just found out from your Daisy that your Daddy did not sleep through the night until he was 22 months old, please please please I beg you Sawyer do not take after him! You are a hungry little bear….you LOVE to eat, eat, eat and I think that you would do it all day long if I would let you – by the way I do think I may be letting you eat too much, but I can’t let you be hungry! Most of the time you take between 3-4 oz every 2 ½ to 3 hours and at each feeding you suck it down quickly as if you haven’t eaten in days. Ohhhh and you are one heck of a “pooter” your “poots” are as loud and long as some adults poots, thank goodness they do not stink yet! I called them your “pooty poots.” Sawyer these last three things I have talked about come from your Daddy – bad sleeping, lots of eating and TONS of pooting. You take a bath at night around 9:00 – 9:30 and its either with mommy or daddy, you love to be in the tub – now you get that from me! YAY- finally something from mommy, I typically take 2-3 baths a day. You get a lotion rubdown and a bedtime story before bed every night. At first I wasn’t sure that you were going to take a paci, but you like your paci and so do your doggies, they have each eaten 1 so far! You DO NOT like the velcro swaddles and you will “pitch a big one” until you are taken out of it. You do like to be swaddled with a blanket and your Daddy is hands down the best at that- BUT you will also “pitch one” until mommy releases your hands free, you like your arms and hands free. You are still in a size newborn diaper and newborn and 0-3 month clothes we think you weigh approximately 8.3 lbs. You go for your 1 month check up this Thursday and we will see how much you have grown.

1.    Nicknames for you so far “chunky monkey”, “little buddy”, “saw”, “buddy bud”, “little man”  

Sawyer you have the sweetest disposition and make our days so much brighter. We absolutely adore you and you are perfect in our eyes (even if you aren’t a great sleeper and are a little spoiled)! Thank you for coming into our lives and making us a family! Life is great – even though we want you to stay little, we know that you will grow and we can’t wait to watch you every step of the way!

And I will end with this – my favorite quote ever and I finally get to use it!

Before you were conceived
I wanted you
Before you were born
I loved you
Before you were here an hour
I would give my life for you
This is the miracle of life.
~ Maureen Hawkins