Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tobie is TWO!!!

Two years ago today our first "baby" was born and we couldn't imagine our lives without him.......

On August 16, 2010, Jesse, my husband brought home our beloved Tobie as a first anniversary gift to me. He had been frantically searching for the "perfect" Morkie puppy for a good while and a prayer was answered 6 days before our first wedding anniversary. At the time was in veterinary school at Purdue University and we were on a very tight budget. Tobie just seemed to land in his lap when he found him on Craigslist for just the "right" price!  When we brought Tobie into our family he was a 12 week old puppy whom had never been groomed, treated by a veterinarian or ever even been outside. I know.. how terrible!  He was quite skidish and afraid. That August day Tobie moved into our home in Springville, Alabama on 90 acres of land, pure doggie heaven! He adjusted quite quickly and began to LOVE his new life. Tobie or "Tobie Leith" as Jesse and I refer to him most days is spoiled rotten. He is our- I should probably say my- baby! While Jesse was away finishing up his veterinary school career in West Lafayette, Indiana at Purdue University, it was only Tobie and I at home and WE are the best of pals, I need him just as much as he needs me. I know I am partial but Tobie is a beautiful dog. His coat is white like the Maltese breed and it has the texture of the Yorkie. His big eyes melt my heart. I love that when I talk to him he knows exactly what I am saying and cocks his little head to the side. He loves to do his "bang" trick that his Daddy taught him. He enjoys chasing the many geese we have on our property first thing in the morning. Tobie also loves going for a quick swim in the pond or in the creek. Frisbee is his favorite outside game and he will only bring it back if he sees a treat in your hand :) His toy collection is quite large, okay large enough that we have to "hide" his toys when guests come over so they will not see just how crazy I am. Tobie gets inside all shopping bags that are brought into the house- and quite often finds a present for himself. He loves to get in his bag and bring you the treat bag that he prefers to munch on at that particular time, one treat is not enough for him!!! He loves his treats! Boars Head ham and shredded sharp cheddar cheese is his daily meal. Tobie is the golf cart captain, you can't ride anywhere without him! Car riding is one of his favorite hobbies and he will bark at the car until you open the door and take him for a ride. For car rides he really likes to have his very own cup of ice water in the cup holder. He has "his spot" in the car and prefers for his blanket to be placed on it. He has taken several 10 hour road trips to see his Daddy and done perfectly. He HATES work days- as soon as I get out of the tub he pouts around and as soon as I get dressed he hides underneath the bed. He is anxiously waiting at the basement door on me every single day. He LOVES adults and children and even all other animals,  he never meets a stranger!  Tobie truly enjoys" fighting" with my 73 year-old grandfather "B". B asks him "Tobie you wanna fight?" and sure enough he will run up to him, hop in his chair and begin to immediately fight. When he runs he hops like a rabbit, he is so fast NO ONE can catch him,except his little sister- Shiloh!  Tobie loves playing with other dogs and is the big brother to a Great Dane puppy, Shiloh. They are an interesting pair! His sister Shiloh came to live with us in January and he has adjusted quite well. In August of this year he will have a BIG ADJUSTMENT when his baby brother- Saywer enters this world!!!!The Auburn Tigers are his favorite football team and he proudly wears his monogrammed game day shirt and plays with his Aubie on game day.He knows many commands and is very loyal and obedient, did I mention that he LOVES his momma? I cannot imagine life without Tobie Leith he is the very best doggie in the



Thanks mommy this is delicious!


Sharing a little bit with his little sister.....

I think I know who is gonna win, it's time for mommy to intervene!!!

That was yummy, its all over my nose!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A work in progress......

Nursery Inspiration

Jesse and I have been working hard to put together our idea of the "perfect nursery" for our little boy. For those of you who know us closely, I have an opinionated husband....which I am thankful for (most of the time).... and I am honestly thrilled that he is interested in every little detail- except for tonight when he protested the bird photos that you will see in a moment! I have put together a few photos of our current nursery progress. We have an enormous amount of work to do and lots of tough decisions still to make!

Soon to be nursery- BEFORE
All we have done is moved the bed out of the room so far.
Yes, the three tubs on the left are full of baby boy clothing, one 0-3 month tub, one 3-6 month and one 6-12 month.

Testing out some paint colors

We are going to stripe the walls, but we are not sold on these colors. A paint store trip is in our near future!

Our first furniture purchase for the nursery! We bought this in January.

Changing table from Mimi!

Jesse says "no way"......I'm still working on him :)

Easter gift from Jesse's parents- "Daisy and Papa"

We still have lots of work ahead of us. Scraping ceilings, putting up crown moulding, installing hardwood flooring, painting and light fixtures. Ohhh and a little closet remolding as well. I think we better get busy :) We will share our crib and bedding choices once we have made our final decisions. We are enjoying every moment of this wonderful time in our lives!!!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The beginning of our family of THREE......

As most of you already know, Jesse and I will be welcoming a sweet baby boy into our lives in a few short months and we cannot wait! I have dreamed of being a mommy since I was a very little girl and cannot be more excited that this dream is finally coming true! Since we tried to keep the pregnancy private until we knew that everything was okay with me and the baby, we thought we would document all of the time that he was already inside my tummy :)

We didn't know at this point yet, but baby "L" was already in my tummy when we took our Gatlinburg trip for my birthday.

Christmas at Carpenettis 2011

Christmas morning at Mimi and B's house! We know!! Found out last night :)

Daddy brings Shiloh home! What a sweet girl!

                                               Shiloh and Tobie loving on Mommy!



                                                                  16 WEEKS

I'll be 20 weeks, half way there this Thursday!!! Stay posted for new pics, baby has really grown!