Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sawyer is TWO months old!


Where does time go? It is surely flying by!! Sawyer it is so hard to believe that you are already 2 months old. Today is October 17th and at 12:20 pm on August 17th we received the most wonderful gift- YOU! Your daddy and I are thoroughly enjoying you little guy, you are the best thing that we have ever done in our entire life!!! God has blessed us with a perfect baby boy!!!

This is a very sad post for mommy because this was my last full month at home with you. Mommy has to return to work in just a few short weeks on November the 1st L Each day when I wake up in the morning I am realizing that its one day closer to having to leave you at daycare and one day closer to me returning to work. I have been super lucky to have such a long time off work to spend with you and I am very thankful for such a wonderful job, but I already know that November 1st will be one of the hardest days of my life thus far. You feel sure that you will be in great hands at Noah’s Park and make lots of friends!!!

In your second month of life you have stayed alone with your Daddy and also spent some time with each set of your grandparents while mommy and daddy spent some time together! You did great each time and they all sure enjoyed keeping you! You are still sleeping every night right beside Mommy and Daddy in the pack n’ play/nap nanny or in your snugabunny rocker beside our bed. You like to swing in your swing and play on your activity mat, but most of all your very favorite place to be is on your changing table – you LOVE it. If you are fussy at all we just take you into your room and lay you on your changing table and you are always perfectly content. Your still not really into being along, its just not your thing – once you realize that your in your crib for a nap and I’m not there you go to screaming, I think you did set a record this month of being in your crib for a 3 hour nap, that did happen ONE time! Before 7 weeks or so you were still not sleeping great, but after advice from friends we tried swaddling you back up at night in the velcro swaddles and you are now doing sooooo much better. Most nights you are sleeping anywhere from 7-8 hours before waking up for a feeding!! You are not as much of hungry little bear as you were last month! I am thinking that you are over your “feeding frenzy” as Dr. Harmon described to us. Most of the time you are still taking between 3-4 oz every 2 ½ to 3 hours. You went through a spell where you would only take about 2 oz for us and then quit. Ohhhh and you are one heck of a “pooter” your “poots” are as loud and long as some adults poots, and guess what….they STINK! Last month I was bragging because they didn’t stink! I still call them your “pooty poots.” And whoa have you ever had some BLOW OUT poops in this last month. One time you even pooped through your outfit onto your Papa Jo Jo (he still hasn’t decided his name for sure, but that’s okay we know you will call him what you want too). He was a trooper and cleaned you up! Then mommy got one that went up your front and even made it to your belly button, ewwwww…..straight to the bathtub you went! Speaking of baths….you still LOVE your baths and you take a bath at night around 9:00 – 9:30 and its always with mommy now. You love to be in the tub – now you get that from me sometimes we are even staying in for 30 minutes at a time! You are becoming more fond of your paci and you do like your paci. You are now in a size one diaper and and 0-3 month clothes you weigh approximately 12 lbs. now….WOW! Your eyes are still blue and we crossing our fingers that they stay that way. Still no hair…mommy can’t wait for you to get some! You have super strong little legs and you are holding your head up so well. You go for your 2 month check up this Thursday and we will see how much you have grown length wise.

1.    Nicknames for you so far  “Saw man” (most popular), "Saw bear" (your daddy HATES this one- but any of you that have seen "Honey Boo Boo" know that I got it from Sugar Bear, lol) “monkey” , “hungry bear”, “chunky monkey”, “little buddy”, “saw”, “buddy bud”, “little man” 

Sawyer you continue to bless our lives daily. We cannot imagine what we did before you? And we cannot imagine a life of this earth without you in it! God is so good and we feel blessed beyond words. We promise to always strive to be the very best parents that we can be and to raise you to know and love the Lord. Happy 2 Months Sawyer Maddox Leith!!! 

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